Coco continues to support grassroots rugby in the Middle East

For the 2013/14 season, the Coco group has continued to support grassroots rugby in the middle east with being a supporter to the Jebel Ali Dragons.

The Dragons in 2012/13 won everything on offer, and the ties to the community and support of not only Men’s but Women Rugby as well, re-inforced why this sponsorship was undertaken.

The Coco group wish all teams of the Dragons all the best in this season.

Coco supports the Dubai Wasps!

The Coco Group, through Powerco JLTFZ, is pleased to sponsor the Dubai Wasps Rugby Union Club to support the ‘local’ rugby playing community. The Dubai Wasps have more Emiratis playing than any other UAE club and their junior development programme is very effective. Trevor Leota (former Samoan Hooker) is the current President and is a shining example of rugby being played with the right attitude – fair and hard.

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