Arabian Equipment Rentals

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The Coco Group has over 30 years’ experience in the construction equipment rental field.

With its rental company in the Middle East – AER (Arabian Equipment Rental) – and its past ownership of Sykes Group, The Coco Group is passionate about becoming an industry leader in the region.

Specializing in site dewatering, AER has a huge range of equipment to tackle any conditions. With an excellent range of pumps and pumping systems backed by many years of in-the-field experience, AER ensures that its clients get the right equipment, the right advice, and the job done. AER’s staff and equipment have worked on some of the biggest sites in the area including The Palm, Qatar International airport, and The World (UAE).

AER also has a fleet of generators available which range in size from 50kva to 1500kva. All units are housed in acoustic canopies and are available on short or long term rental.

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